God Bless the Affordable Floors

6 07 2009

The Floors The 80s music scene in South Florida was dismal. For a young person set to expand their musical horizons you had two directions – Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine or Hard Rock. I went to Pittsburgh for college in ’87, and wound up winning a contest to see a band for their album release party. That band was The Affordable Floors. And between the lush keyboard sweeps, the scream-singing and the drummer beating his way through every song like it was the only way he would survive, I was hooked and proudly wore a pin on my jacket stating so (something I swore I would never do).

I must have seen the ‘Floors a dozen times. I was always sure they would make it big. And they did have their chance. With Peter Gabriel’s sound engineer Larry Fast set to produce, soon everyone would hear. Sadly, the record deal never happened. But I still love the Affordable Floors, and I still try to impart the way I felt about their songs to anyone who will listen.

Below are what I think are two of their best songs:

The Affordable Floors – the long winter

The Affordable Floors – From A Distance




3 responses

9 11 2009

found your site searching for affordable floors mp3’s. All my tapes are damaged beyond repair. Thanks!

9 11 2009

You’re welcome!

8 05 2010

Have Drumming on the Walls & All the Things I Meant to be CDs. Have both on my Ipod so they get a regular shift on my playlist….

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