I am not a guitar hero

7 07 2009

xContrary to what this picture may suggest (or what you have may have heard), I cannot play a note. Four years of piano when I was little, some random bongo playing on the lawn of the Cathedral of Learning at Pitt and picking up a guitar in a music store once and that was it. Despite this, I have been in 2 bands.

The first band was put together by my friend Eric and Danny my senior year of high school. The Blue Horizon band played 3 songs “Turn it on again” by Genesis, and “Conditioning” and “You Know I Love You” both by Howard Jones. We played at the variety show in 1987. The audition went great but my voice got worse and worse each night of the show…screaming the lyrics as I didn’t have a PA. Still, I remember it fondly in spite of the orange shirt and suspenders I wore.

The next “band” I was in was in college. I was in it for one day. Really, it was just Dereck Walton on guitar, his friend Ange on bass and me pounding out the drum parts to “Devil’s Roof” by Throwing Muses on the pads of the sequencer (in real time). In truth, every time I hear the Throwing Muses, my index fingers hurt.

Here are the original songs, with voice and drums by much more talented and well-payed musicians (right-click and save as to download):

Howard Jones – You Know I Love You, Don’t You

Throwing Muses – Devil’s Roof, Santa Cruz 1991




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