Saddest Washing Machine…Ever!

30 07 2009

In high school Mass Media class, we learned a lot about advertising. But what I remember most is “subliminal” advertising. We were shown magazine clippings where a couple on the beach in a Jantzen swimsuit ad were being blown on (seductively?) by a face in the water, or a bottle of alcohol that contained a hidden naked woman in the glass reflection. So now when I look at ads, I always try to look for the hidden features.

So imagine my surprise when I opened the Best Buy booklet and found the saddest washing machine in the world (0n the left).


I’m not sure what this says about LG appliances, but it certainly makes me feel very bad about purchasing them…especially these two.

As you ponder this ad, please enjoy one of my favorite Pretenders songs:

The Pretenders – Watching The Clothes (2007 Remastered LP Version)

(Note: This is not photoshopped, and is a direct scan of the Best Buy booklet from July 19, 2009.)




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21 09 2009
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[…] 2009 I thought my search for anthropomorphic appliances in advertisements had ended when I found the saddest dryer ever. But ’twas not so. Here in the instructions for a GE, I find another unhappy appliance, this […]

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