(Before) Night Falls, Part 2

5 08 2009

monroezombieslogoIf you are ever trapped by hordes of zombies or find yourself in the midst of an Escape From New York/John Carpenter revival, you could have no better soundtrack than Zombie Zombie (a band so nice, they named it twice). Analog synthesizers and big drums with a bit of danger and some cheesy menace thrown in for good measure – this is the mood music for preparing to run screaming toward a safe place or barricading the doors.

ist2_4992070-sound-and-music-icons-blackZombie Zombie: Before Night Falls

Oh, and if you enjoy stop-motion video homages to John Carpenter’s The Thing using G.I. Joe toys from the late 1980s, please enjoy the video to Zombie Zombie’s Driving on This Road Until Death Set Us Free.




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