Broke in to the Old Apartment

14 08 2009

the old apartmentThe best apartment that I ever lived in was in my 3rd year at the University of Pittsburgh. It was a very brownstone looking building in Oakland, which my roommate Kevin and I were lucky to get after our deal with a shady landlord fell through. The place was inviting and warm – very warm. So warm that during the winter, people who visited used to shed their sweaters and borrow t-shirts from me.

We had a lot of parties there (one where I was actually handcuffed to a folding chair until the perpetrator returned a few hours later). I used to walk to do the early shift at the radio station twice a week, and I always felt safe.

One time I drunkenly threw a glow stick out the back window into the garbage and brush behind the building. I then watched as an invisible animal hiding in the darkness grabbed the glow stick and scampered across the backyard and into the night.


The Mountain Goats: Genesis 3:23

Barenaked Ladies: The Old Apartment




One response

14 08 2009

the heat was just a ploy to get women to undress and put on your t-shirts, wasn’t it?

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