T-Shirt Week: I Will Show You the Stooges

17 08 2009

iggyI found this shirt in a sale rack at the Lennox Mall in Atlanta. It seemed to be calling to me, wanting to be rescued from amid the DKNY and the Diesel clearance items. I don’t understand how it could languish there. First of all, it’s a Trunk LTD shirt, and everyone knows those can be pricey. Second of all, it’s the Stooges. Iggy Pop. Hello?

I like to consider myself as a rescuer of certain objects, mostly related to music. I find these items hidden (and sometimes abused) at the back of sales racks or hiding under the wrong section at record stores. Rare CDs like Talk Talk’s London 1986 I pulled from the racks (you can’t find that on download at Amazon or iTunes).

I love my Stooges t-shirt, and I am glad I rescued it from the “ignored” pile. I only wish people were as easy to rescue.


Iggy & The Stooges: Scene Of The Crime (from the Year of the Iguana compilation)

Talk Talk: Such A Shame (from London 1986)




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