T-Shirt Week: Start a Brand New (Off World) Colony

18 08 2009

colonyThe movie
Bladerunner…I’ve seen it a few times in its shortened version, not the acclaimed director’s cut of more footage than you ever wanted to see in a single sitting. Still it has left a great impression on me. Not because of Harrison Ford – I mean sure he’s a good actor, but the man gives the most boring TV interviews I’ve ever seen.

Image-wise, the concepts are insane, even compared to today’s movies. Just a cinema masterpiece all around. And Rutger Hauer? Always a plus. As for whether or not the character of Decker was himself a replicant, the answer is all in the eyes.

The T-shirt is my favorite, from the geniuses at Last Exit to Nowhere.

ist2_4992070-sound-and-music-icons-black MP3s:

Club Montepulciano: Viva Planet M

Foals: Astronauts ‘n All

The Postal Service: Brand New Colony (Live)




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29 05 2012
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