Can We Start This Again?

8 10 2009

Glastonbury-1HMV has shipped my special edition of the In This Light and On This Evening by the Editors. I still can’t tear myself away from deluxe or special edition CDs despite iTunes and MP3s.

Anyway, as I wait in anticipation for my CD, it got me to wondering about how the Editors debuted in our hearts and minds.

With The Back Room, we are immediately drawn into the voice of Lights that will be guiding us through this album (and our Editors obsession)…a deep, plaintive statement and a lone strum that builds with the dynamic layering of instruments.

Editors: Lights

The drum lead in for Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors on An End Has a Start provides a dramatic lead in for the second record, followed by piano and a short first lyric before the trademark guitar wail draws us in deeper to a song that is part stadium rock and part pure ballad.

Editors: Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors

editorsAnd for the new album? The title track leads us on with a driving beat, piano chords and a layered vocal before giving way to menacing, brooding analaog distortion. It works both as an introduction to the new Editors style, and a bridge between the sparse introduction from the first album and the dramatic beginnings of the second.

Editors: In This Light And On This Evening

Looking forward to hearing the rest later this week (dependent on the post).




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