Bela Lugosi’s Dead (and I don’t feel so hot myself)

26 03 2010

This week brought us the latest from the Secret History – The World that Never Was. I have been trying to decide how to describe this effort – an evolution/revolution, a maturity, a rebirth, an undead-filled travelogue set to music and played in the darkest hours  – and neither seems to provide an adequate adjective for this amazing record.

Picking up where the darkly shining Desolation Town EP left off, the songs are more fully realized and the indie-pop hooks are equally abundant. Lisa Ronson and Erin Dermody are in fine voice, and we are treated to lead vocals by Michael Grace, Jr. on two pieces. The music is an equal partner in the songs, augmenting them with some great rhythms and soloing.

It’s hard to pick which song is my favorite, so I chose to add Count Backwards (Rock ‘n’ Roll Never Dies) to this post as a sample track. It fires on all cylinders, especially the choruses and the cathartic end piece.

I recommend that you purchase this document of indie-pop’s new vanguard at your local record shop or download it online. There’s a full album stream up at Spinner, too.

The Secret History: Count Backwards (Rock ‘n’ Roll Never Dies)




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