Frosty! 3A Toys Frosty Choad Pack

12 02 2011

Frosty Choad Bertie in WWRp

I was very lucky to pick up a set of Ashley Wood’s latest WWRp team of robots – Frosty Choad. Consisting of a Large Martin, a Damn Large Martin (both of them are pretty damn large for 1/12 scale), a Bramble armed with a highly-detailed rocket launcher, a Bertie with a submachine gun (my personal favorite), and a wee little Square telemetry droid.

I have been collecting these figures for about two years now, and this is my first set based around a specific team or colorway (I think it might be one of the first team sets in general).

Each figure is extremely detailed and articulated for 1/12 size. And they come hot from the dryer. Well, not really. But when you open up the enormous box that they come in and get a whiff of the plastic and paint smell, it just gives a kind of “just made” impression.

Large Martin, Bramble, Square, Damn Large Martin, and Bertie

Ashley Wood, a genius artist and toy maker, is also quite into music. Each of the robots is named after a member of New Order/Joy Division.

New Order – Confusion [12 inch version]

A great team, but what a square!




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