Thee Mightee Indie Dance Party

15 04 2011

In the March 2008 issue of Mojo, there was a sprawling article on the Smiths. But if you look a little closer (on page 75 to be exact), you’ll find a list of bands that were predecessors, contemporaries, and influencers on Morrissey, Marr & Co. These “indie” bands, oft classified as C81/86 or as part of Sarah or Postcard records, shared some of the jingle and jangle of the Smiths, without the spotlight.

While some of the bands may remain in their cult status, others I must admit, I did listen to occasionally or often: Wild Swans, Orange Juice, Close Lobsters. Some are new to me, some leave a faint hint of amazing pop music to be hummed earlier, and others are more of a nuance – also rans in the indie bargain bins from 1980 to the 1990s.

So when I came across these USB Mixtapes created by SUCK UK, I gravitated towards creating a mix that celebrated these bands, but that wasn’t canned or edited by Rough Trade or other compilations. Yes, I do realize that it is only a bit of paper and a housing for a 128MB USB, but I like nice packaging.

So here it is. Thee Mightee Indie Dance Party, curated as always by Thee Mightee Kittens.

The Field Mice – Emma’s House

Close Lobsters – Foxheads

Another Sunny Day – You Should All Be Murdered

The Wild Swans – Northern England

Orange Juice – What Presence?!

The House of Love – Shine On

The June Brides – This Town

Northern Picture Library – Paris

Sea Urchins – Pristine Christine

Aztec Camera – We Could Send Letters

Talulah Gosh – Talulah Gosh

Felt – The Day The Rain Came Down




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