An Open Letter to the People Who Designed the 2012 Honda CRV

13 02 2012

Homer's car...still better than the 2012 CRV.

Really? Thats the best you can do? Wow.

I have leased a new Honda CRV since the first version came out in 1995. If memory serves, it had a little golfball on the gearshift. It was a classic.

I currently own a 2010 CRV, and at the end of my lease, I will not be leasing nor purchasing another one. Like most consumers, I vote with my wallet, and my vote is a sound “no” for this laughable and strange design. A smaller back window? Yes, that’s what drivers want. More blind spots. A humungous bubble butt that makes the car taller and more awkward and probably more likely to tip over? Oh yes. Didn’t you, like other SUV makers, learn a lesson from the Pontiac Aztek? A car so ugly that they couldn’t give it away on the show Survivor?

So what do you do with an ugly, yet affordable lemon? You find a shill to promote your vehicle in a Super Bowl advertisement. A shill that represents the good-time 1980s and also killed a person in a drunk driving accident in 1987. What on earth were you thinking? This individual should never be associated with a car that you want to market.

So I say good day to you, Honda CRV. It was fun while it lasted, but our journey is over.




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