Single Song Theory, Part One

18 06 2015

oswaldThe included and forthcoming mixes are based on songs/artists that I only have one of. This is probably because:

  • I heard the song in a movie or television show
  • I like the song but I haven’t made (or won’t make) an investment in the band
  • I heard the song on a CD that came with Mojo or Uncut magazine and I like it


Single Song Theory Part 1

Into the Galaxy – Midnight Juggernauts/Golden Skans – Klaxons/Death – White Lies/They Broke the Speed of Light – The Late BP Helium/Before We Were Brittle – Say Hi/No Light Left – Snowfight in the City Center/We Could Be Blood – Young Knives/Movies of Antarctica – Stars of Track and Field/Tonight the Streets are Ours – Richard Hawley/Judy Staring at the Sun – Catherine Wheel with Tanya Donnelly/There is a Light – Dum Dum Girls/What Did My Lover Say – Wolf Parade/Starlett Johanssen – The Teenagers/Caroline – CITIZENS!/ International Heroes – The British Lions





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30 06 2015
Single Song Theory, Part Two | Thee Mightee Kittens

[…] One song, one artist. Why? See the previous mix, Single Song Theory, Part One. […]

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