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14 09 2009

I play in the Washington DC-based band Last Tide. We just finished up our debut EP, entitled The Broken Places, which we are releasing next month, and were wondering if you would be interested in writing about us. I noticed you’ve posted about a bunch of bands we really like and I thought you might enjoy our music as well.

You can check out our whole EP in streaming form, as well as find out more information about us, at myspace.com/lasttide. I’ve also attached a link to a zip of the entire EP in mp3 format w/ cover art (the mp3s are higher quality, sound a lot better than the Myspace stream). I also included a couple direct mp3 links. Thank you for your consideration.

Last Tide
EP Download: http://bit.ly/1ly8Ct
A Traitor in My Mind (direct link): http://bit.ly/uzi1m
Shapeshifter (direct link): http://bit.ly/RQA9c

17 09 2009

I will try to put something up next week.

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