Single Song Theory, Part Two

30 06 2015

IMG_0211One song, one artist. Why? See the previous mix, Single Song Theory, Part One.


Single Song Theory Part Two:

Archie Marry Me – Alvvays/If You Didn’t See Me (Then You Weren’t On the Dancefloor) – Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr./The New International – So So Modern/The Lottery – The Stepkids/Jamaica – Theme Park/The General Synopsis – Braces Tower/Fraud in the 80s – Mates of State/Light of Love – Music Go Music/Benny and the Jetts – TV Girl/Fashion Crisis Hits New York – The Frank and Walters/Blue Song – Mint Royal/Impossible – Shout Out Louds/Rio – Hey Marseilles/ The Sweater – Meryn Caldwell/(This is the Dream) Of Evan and Chan – Dntel/Super Duper Rescue Heads – Deerhoof/You Can’t Hurry Love – The Concretes/ Sleepy Tigers – Her Space Holiday


Single Song Theory, Part One

18 06 2015

oswaldThe included and forthcoming mixes are based on songs/artists that I only have one of. This is probably because:

  • I heard the song in a movie or television show
  • I like the song but I haven’t made (or won’t make) an investment in the band
  • I heard the song on a CD that came with Mojo or Uncut magazine and I like it


Single Song Theory Part 1

Into the Galaxy – Midnight Juggernauts/Golden Skans – Klaxons/Death – White Lies/They Broke the Speed of Light – The Late BP Helium/Before We Were Brittle – Say Hi/No Light Left – Snowfight in the City Center/We Could Be Blood – Young Knives/Movies of Antarctica – Stars of Track and Field/Tonight the Streets are Ours – Richard Hawley/Judy Staring at the Sun – Catherine Wheel with Tanya Donnelly/There is a Light – Dum Dum Girls/What Did My Lover Say – Wolf Parade/Starlett Johanssen – The Teenagers/Caroline – CITIZENS!/ International Heroes – The British Lions


(Shameless) Self Promotion

9 03 2014


A little while ago, Thee Mightee Kittens got their paws on some music software for the iPad. Today, those kittens and I have created some fur-soaked tunes. Here are those tunes, for your enjoyment/our shame.

Thee Mightee Kittens – Fall in Love

Thee Mightee Kittens – Black Infiniti Follows Blue Nissan

Thee Mightee Kittens – How do I get stripper glitter out of my hair?

Thee Mightee Kittens – Gravity, Saint

Thee Mightee Kittens – Sour, Conniption & Fibs

Thee Mightee Kittens – Talking in a Dead Language

Thee Mightee Kittens – Tall Buildings

Thee Mightee Kittens – Heart Out Yo Body (Sucka)

This Year’s Automaton

16 02 2014

091018-1Ten years ago, I stopped smoking. Now, I’m not going to say something sanctimonious that I feel good everyday and it’s the right thing to do in this world. Nor am I going to say that I don’t miss it, the smell and the cost. I stopped. That’s it.

In that time, smoking has become a banned substance in bars and places where people gather, where they used to talk and flirt and bond over movies and music over an awful scent of tobacco. The alternative is vapor, a nicotine substitute that sounds as hollow as the brief wisp of smoke it creates. This vapor has turned the act of smoking into a robotic necessity, a desire for the “drug” we associate with high school bathrooms, backstage areas and insomnia. It is now a private act, yet one we can now perform everywhere from offices to low lit bars (for now anyway). It is lonliness in a room full of people, some of them dying to connect if only someone had a pack and a lighter to ease the sting and lubricate the conversation toward how great that new band is or how that director has just lost it completely or that they had the worst day of their lives and would like someone to talk to.

A few people I know at my job have taken to “smoke breaks” that are anything but. They walk, they sit and they connect. It’s not that the smokers at my job don’t do the same thing. But we should be taking the traditions and the ritual of smoking and applying it to a new paradigm, removing the vapor that hangs in the air for a brief moment and replacing it with the solid connection that we all used to feel. Only without the tar.

I encourage you to connect over the the fact that Bob Mould’s first solo album turns 25 this year. And that his words and music are still as vital and solid than they have ever been.

I am the thief. The waffle thief.

22 09 2013

IMG_0042This wave of nostalgia brought to you by the 1980s. The 1980s – we didn’t have email and we tucked our pants into our socks.

Hipsway – The Honeythief

The Motels – Remember the Nights

Deacon Blue – Raintown

You. Complete Me.

15 07 2013

tumblr_mnjciwZ13q1qz7lxdo1_500Greetings from Thee Mightee Kittens. We hope you are having a fantastic day. And so we wanted to share our favorites songs with you from this week. And not that we play favorites (oh, we most certainly do), but we recommend Motorama, a Russian band that revives your post-punk/post-indie dreams from the brink. Their Alps record was re-released in May.


Franz Ferdinand-Right Action

Washed Out-It Alls Feels Right

David Byrne & St. Vincent – Road to Nowhere (Live)

Let Me Take Your Photo

10 07 2013

IMG_0041I recently had the good fortune of seeing the Gregory Crewsdon documentary Brief Encounters. An excellent snapshot of some of his famous photos and the painstaking effort that goes into staging each one. Very interesting, but I would have liked to have seen a more detailed section about the Ophelia photo. I also learned that Crewsdon had a role DIY Power Pop history as a guitarist for the Speedies. Their hit?

The Speedies – Let me take your photo (1979 Original Version)

Here is the trailer for the doc: