Mal de Ojo (The Evil Eye)

23 02 2014

Vinyl records collectorsThe superstitious amongst us protect themselves from the negativity and evil in the universe a myriad of ways. For many this manifests itself as an affected sort of obsessive compulsive disorder. But for others, it takes the form of talismans that protect us from evil, necklaces and charms which have been given to us or we have purchased at a kiosk in the mall or while on vacation in the caribbean – designed to protect us from those wishing ill upon us or the dreaded “evil eye.”

The Evil Eye, or the physical manifestation of online trolling, is commonplace in all cultures and dates back to ancient Greece. Back then, many thought that those who had blue or green eyes wielded the curse. Now we realize that anyone with enough jealousy or envy can push those vibes out into the universe. And that sometimes those people go further, taking actions to deliberately hurt or injure another person.

Last week, I started to think about all of the talismans I have ever worn. And then one of my mala bracelets broke. I didn’t catch it on anything. It just broke as I was putting it on in the morning, all the little beads cascading into the drawer. This had never happened before. So I did a little research. Apparently, one reason why a mala can break, apart from wear and tear, is that this little bracelet has taken the hit for me, sacrificing its little beads to protect me from the evil in the universe. It unnerved me to think that someone had wished bad things on me. And that I was out $28 dollars. And that my wrist was missing something. I like to wear things in threes (again OCD). I was thinking about a lot of things.

And what happens now? Have I been spared from the universe? Have these little lucky things protected me from the world and those that would wish harm on me and my family? Superstition is powerful. Based on belief, it can make you very paranoid. But it can also make you feel strong or smart or safe. Hey, whatever gets you through the day.

The Cure – Mr. Pink Eyes

Franz Ferdinand – Evil Eye