Single Song Theory, Part Three

19 07 2015

IMG_0244The final installment (maybe) in a list of one-offs that I have collected over the years.

Single Song Theory Part 3:

The Blue Wrath – I, Monster/Your Fucking Sunny Day – Lambchop/Dear Confessor – Immaculate Machine/Gin & Juice – The Gourds/Joke – Boo Hewerdine/Lariat – Steve Malkmus/Dumb Ways to Die – Tangerine Kitty/You, Me & the Bourgeoisie – The Submarines/Start Again – Lovers Electric/She’s Fetching – Big Dipper/Lucio Starts Fires – Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong/Girls & Boys in Love – The Rumblestrips/Storm in a Teacup – Milburn/Nightlife – Ms. Magician/Gangsta – Tune-Yards/Lovesuit – Hilotrons/Tosta Mista – Hooded Fang/I am the Stereo – El Cento/When I Go Out with Artists – Crash Test Dummies/Apartment Wrestling – Maximum Balloon/ Watch that Girl Destroy Me – Possum Dixon/California – Phantom Planet


19 Characters in Search of a Soundtrack

29 04 2015

curtainsblog460Presented for you to enjoy. “19 Characters in Search of s Soundtrack” is a mix in 3 parts, loosely based on a radio recording of WXXP, Pittsburgh in 1988:

19 Characters In Search of a Soundtrack, Part 1 – David Bowie, Ashes to Ashes (live at the BBC)/Django Django, Reflections/My Favorite, Party Crashers/Temples, Mesmerize/Chairlift, I Belong in Your Arms/The Bodeans, Say About Love

19 Characters in Search of a Soundtrack, Part 2 – R.E.M., Life and How to Live It/Violent Femmes, Happy New Year Next Year/Laura Marling, False Hope/Sleater-Kinney, New Wave/St. Vincent, Bad Tina/Max Jury, Black Metal

19 Characters in Search of a Soundtrack, Part 3 – Belle & Sebastian, Perfect Couples/Paul Weller, Dangerous Age/Stars, Turn it Up and Elevator Love Letter/The New Pornographers, Backstairs/Eels, Fresh Blood/Mogwai, Teenage Exorcists/Soft Cell, Tainted Love-Where Did Our Love Go?

An Open Letter to the People Who Designed the 2012 Honda CRV

13 02 2012

Homer's car...still better than the 2012 CRV.

Really? Thats the best you can do? Wow.

I have leased a new Honda CRV since the first version came out in 1995. If memory serves, it had a little golfball on the gearshift. It was a classic.

I currently own a 2010 CRV, and at the end of my lease, I will not be leasing nor purchasing another one. Like most consumers, I vote with my wallet, and my vote is a sound “no” for this laughable and strange design. A smaller back window? Yes, that’s what drivers want. More blind spots. A humungous bubble butt that makes the car taller and more awkward and probably more likely to tip over? Oh yes. Didn’t you, like other SUV makers, learn a lesson from the Pontiac Aztek? A car so ugly that they couldn’t give it away on the show Survivor?

So what do you do with an ugly, yet affordable lemon? You find a shill to promote your vehicle in a Super Bowl advertisement. A shill that represents the good-time 1980s and also killed a person in a drunk driving accident in 1987. What on earth were you thinking? This individual should never be associated with a car that you want to market.

So I say good day to you, Honda CRV. It was fun while it lasted, but our journey is over.

The Truth About MTV IDs

25 09 2011

The Concept: Check out what great videos you can see on MTV if you keep watching.

The Reality: You can watch Meatloaf maul Karla Devito three times in an hour, but you’ll never see those other videos more than once.

Flowers – We Can Get Together

The Vapors – Jimmie Jones

Playing Chicken

19 07 2011

Very surreal watching the Republicans, Democrats and President playing a game of chicken with our economy.

The Bees – Chicken Payback


Three Witches

27 06 2011

I must admit that I was a bit tentative about last night’s season premiere of True Blood, but overall it was pretty good. And then, at the end, there was Neko Case covering “She’s Not There” by the Zombies. It sounded pretty good, until, well…Nick Cave came in and ruined it. There I said it!

Still, it’s nice to see Fiona Shaw (Petunia Dursley from Harry Potter) as the new coven leader of the witches. Maybe they will use Tres Brujas by the Sword as the closer for one of the episodes this year?

Neko Case and Nic Cave – She’s Not There

The Sword – Tres Brujas

Panda Panda Panda…Escape!

13 06 2011

Deerhoof – Panda Panda Panda (Live in New York)