19 Characters in Search of a Soundtrack

29 04 2015

curtainsblog460Presented for you to enjoy. “19 Characters in Search of s Soundtrack” is a mix in 3 parts, loosely based on a radio recording of WXXP, Pittsburgh in 1988:

19 Characters In Search of a Soundtrack, Part 1 – David Bowie, Ashes to Ashes (live at the BBC)/Django Django, Reflections/My Favorite, Party Crashers/Temples, Mesmerize/Chairlift, I Belong in Your Arms/The Bodeans, Say About Love

19 Characters in Search of a Soundtrack, Part 2 – R.E.M., Life and How to Live It/Violent Femmes, Happy New Year Next Year/Laura Marling, False Hope/Sleater-Kinney, New Wave/St. Vincent, Bad Tina/Max Jury, Black Metal

19 Characters in Search of a Soundtrack, Part 3 – Belle & Sebastian, Perfect Couples/Paul Weller, Dangerous Age/Stars, Turn it Up and Elevator Love Letter/The New Pornographers, Backstairs/Eels, Fresh Blood/Mogwai, Teenage Exorcists/Soft Cell, Tainted Love-Where Did Our Love Go?


Songs of 2012: Apocalypse, Whu?

31 12 2012

300px-MayansA few weeks ago, some believed that the Mayan Long Count Calendar would represent an end to the human race, with large beastly demigods destroying the planet Earth and its inhabitants. Thankfully, not true. However, what if the end was nigh? Would you have been pleased that the songs of 2012 made you dance with joy before being eaten by Quetzalcoatl? Would you kick rocks and wait impatiently for doom knowing that you would never-ever have to listen to Mumford and Sons one more time? Or would you moon over the albums that you would miss in 2013 as the moon plummeted toward us? Our mightee verdicts are below:

 2012 brought us great songs from the past…

Peter Gabriel – Courage The 25th anniversary of So, a touchstone for many, helped us to remember true genius in music and video and unearthed this great demo.

R.E.M. – Oddfellows Local 151 (Live) Another anniversary, this time for Stipe and Co.’s last album for IRS. B-sides and demos were not included, but a fine live album was.

The Sultans of Ping F.C. – Where’s Me Jumper The theme for Chris O’Dowd’s amazing Moone Boy sitcom has a new life of its own.

The Decemberists – Leslie Ann Levine A fine live album from a great band. “Now who wants to learn a song about press gangs and infanticide?”

2012 made us think of the future…

Atoms for Peace – What The Eyeballs Did It would be a shame to be headed for the end of the world without hearing the rest of this album.

Foals – Inhaler A different take for the Foals. Looking forward to hearing the other tracks.

Yo La Tengo – Stupid Things It’s just not a great year without a bit of drone, some covers and Georgia.

2012 brought us great music to live in the present…

Aimee Mann – Labrador As Aimee Mann gets older, her albums get even better. I think she’s getting taller, too.

DIIV – Geist This band and Django Django won a place in my heart this year with great and simple songs.

Django Django – Life’s a Beach See above.

David Byrne & St. Vincent – The One Who Broke Your Heart This album was kind of an underdog this year. I encourage everyone to enjoy it with repeat listenings.

The Allah-Las – Seven Point Five Garage rock produced by Nick Waterhouse (who released a great album this year, too) for that “natural” sound.

Bob Mould – Angels Rearrange Return to form? He never left.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Jeremy A Magnetic Fields cover that may best the original.

The Secret History – Sergio A new album this year, Michael?

Savages – I Am Here (Live in Bristol, Thekla) A few singles and a live EP. We are truly ready for a full-length recording.

And finally, the catchiest thing you needed to hear in 2012 (with accompanying video)…

Tangerine Kitty – Dumb Ways to Die

Have a great year and get ready to hear more from Thee Mightee Kittens in 2013!

I Love You, Listen to This…Too

25 02 2012

Is that relatively new music? Then turn it up. Thank you for your prompt response.

Django Django – Default

Real Estate – Reservoir #3

Foxy Shazam – Holy Touch

Toy – Left Myself Behind

El Cento – I Am The Stereo